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the Archangel Gabriel
29 September
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Name: Gabriel
Titles/Also Known As: The Left Hand of God, the Sword of Heaven, גַּבְרִיאֵל / Gavri'el, Gabrielus, Arabic جبريل / Jibril, Sarosh (in Zoroastrianism), prince of fire and thunder, prince of the east, one of the archangels who stands in the presence of God, the Messenger.

Gabriel is recognized as an angelic power in the religions of Islam, Christianity, Judaism, and some sects of the Bahá'í and Zoroastrian faiths. He is regarded as the angel of death, resurrection, annunciation, birth, mercy, vengeance, and revelation.

Age: Gabriel "sang the first hymn when the stars were born," so he may be considered to be approximately as old as Creation itself.

Appearance: Angels are creatures of spirit, not flesh, but they manifest in mortal forms upon the earth. Gabriel's usual* mortal form is that of a tall, black-haired man of approximate middle age, wearing a black coat, with black nails, pale skin, and gray-green eyes. He speaks in what is often mistaken for a New York accent. He smiles crookedly and frequently. Like other angels from The Prophecy, Gabriel is hermaphroditic.

*This form has been known to change according to circumstance

Special skills: Aside from having a greater portion of the "standard" angelic abilities-- supernatural strength, speed, sensory perception-- Gabriel is capable of resurrecting the dead. Traditionally, Gabriel tells every unborn soul the secrets of their life to come during their time in the womb, then silences the child before birth by touching his or her mouth-- thus forming the cleft above the upper lip. Perhaps this explains how Gabriel knows the name of everybody he meets. Gabriel (and other angels of the Prophecy series) seems to be able to influence human minds, such as causing someone to believe a napkin is a fifty-dollar bill. Gabriel (and other angels of the series) heals from any wounds inflicted upon him, barring only the removal of his heart. Gabriel can also light crap on fire with a wave of his hand.

He possesses a "special trumpet," presumably the Last Trumpet, to be blown on Judgment Day. Even when blown by mortals, a blast of the trumpet is sufficient to destroy windows.

Personality: Gabriel is, as befits a leader of his fellow angels, charismatic and intensely passionate. He has a strong sense of (rather dark) humor and is generally rather cheerful. [Prior to his redemption (see history), "cheerfully sociopathic" might be nearer the mark...] Though he has mostly gotten over the arrogance and malice with which he once treated humans, occasionally some frustration will leak through. For the most part, however, he has left behind his bitterness and jealousy for a more thoughtful and questioning approach to God.

When he is fixed upon something, Gabriel is determined and practically unstoppable. He has a considerable temper, but since his "redemption" (see history) he has been making attempts to control it.

Brief history: Spoilers for the Prophecy movies follow
Gabriel is exactly who he claims to be-- the archangel of death. For untold millennia he served God faithfully, but when humans received souls and, as Gabriel saw it, replaced angels in the affections of the Creator, he became slowly consumed by jealousy for this second race of imperfect beings. He was not the only one to regard the elevation of humans ("talking monkeys" as he refers to them) as unfair. Many other angels joined him in rebelling against this decision, and this led to a second war in Heaven. Gabriel sought to recruit the most evil of human souls to his side-- a soul that had been trapped inside the form of an innocent young girl-- but his attempt was foiled by the angel Simon as well as two humans, a priest-turned-cop and the girl's schoolteacher. Ultimately the fallen angel Lucifer aided the humans against Gabriel: he ripped Gabriel's heart from his chest and ate it, thus killing him, and took Gabriel's corpse back to hell.

But even this was not the end. Some time later, Lucifer returned Gabriel to earth and to life, remarking that Hell was not big enough for the both of them. Gabriel picked up his quest against humanity where he had left off, seeking this time a young woman who was pregnant with an angel's child-- a half-breed. Despite opposition from various angels, he eventually hunted her down, only to find his confidence that he was in the right shattered by the woman's simple words of faith. As punishment for his actions, Gabriel was then turned human by the archangel Michael.

He spent the next fifteen years trying to adjust to being a human. During this time he did act to protect the life of the child Danyael, the half-angel, half-human whom he had tried to kill before. His time as a human taught him compassion for those he had once called 'monkeys,' and at the end of those fifteen years he was once more reinstated as an archangel in service of God.


A note on Gabriel as angel-- due to the number of religions that recognize Gabriel as an angelic power, many traditions and myths have sprung up about him, sometimes conflicting ones. In writing Gabriel for TM, I am giving highest priority to what is revealed about him in the Prophecy movies, and then selecting information from various religions/myths/traditions (including Neil Gaiman's depictions of angels) as I see fit. So if the 'Gabriel' you're seeing here isn't completely accurate with what you know of Christian (or other) angelology, try to keep in mind that, as Gabriel would put it, "You're getting your information on angels from other monkeys?"

A second note, because this bio wasn't long-winded enough: Gabriel will be written and played, for the most part, as post-Prophecy 3-- i.e., he is now one of the "good guys" again. This is not to say he's completely declawed... anyways, the occasional writing prompt or RP may be done from a time period before Gabriel's redemption. Just so you know.


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